Live Streaming AFF Cup 2021 Singapore vs Indonesia Today, Don't Miss It - ‎Live Streaming AFF Cup 2021 Indonesia vs Singapore national team semi-final schedule 2020 leg 1 on Wednesday (22/12/2021) airing time 19.30 WIB tonight can be watched via Live Streaming. The round of 4 match of the 2021 AFF Cup leg 1 between Singapore and Indonesia can also be watched through television, namely live RCTI or iNews TV. ‎

‎Will compete at the National Stadium of Singapore, Shin Tae-yong's Indonesian national team squad must certainly face the 12th opponent player, the home ‎‎fans. Quoted from Antara, Wednesday (12/22/2021), ticket allocations for Singapore supporters of the 2021 AFF Cup semifinal against Indonesia have been sold out. ‎

‎The new Suzuki AFF Cup 2020 tournament was held from early December 2021 and then held centrally, from the group stage, semi-finals, to the final match later, held centrally in Singapore due to the COVID-19 pandemic ‎‎situation.

Live Streaming AFF Cup 2021 Singapore vs Indonesia Today, Don't Miss It
Live Streaming AFF Cup 2021 Singapore vs Indonesia Today, Don't Miss It

‎Indonesia vs Singapore Schedule: AFF Cup 2021 Semifinal Prediction Live Streaming TV‎

‎Always appearing in their own country, the Singapore national team qualified for the 2021 AFF Cup semifinals by placing 2nd in the final standings of Group A alongside Thailand who advanced as group winners. Meanwhile, from Group B, there was Indonesia as the group winner who qualified with the runner-up Vietnam.

Vietnam, which has the status as the defending champion of the AFF Cup, has to face a strong team from Thailand in the semifinals. Meanwhile, Singapore will try out Shin Tae-yong's Indonesian senior national team squad, which is strengthened by many new faces as well as young players and has been impressive so far.

The strategy used by Shin Tae-yong is often unpredictable and always changes according to the opponent he is facing. When against Vietnam in the 3rd match of the Group B elimination phase, for example, the South Korean coach applied a total defensive tactic which was successfully carried out with a final score of 0-0.

Then when facing Malaysia in the last match of Group B as well as the decisive match, Shin Tae-yong carried out an attacking strategy. As a result, the Malaysian goal conceded 4 times even though it had taken the lead first. The Indonesian national team won 4-1 as well as ending the group phase as the leader of Group B.

Prediction od Indonesia vs Singapore national team line-up at AFF Cup 2021‎

‎Here are the predictions of the Indonesia vs Singapore line-up in the Semifinal Leg 1 of the AFF Cup 2021:‎

Indonesia (4-1-4-1): 

Nadeo Argawinata; Asnawi Mangkualam, Fachrudin Aryanto, Elkan Baggott, Pratama Arhan; Rachmat Irianto; Ricky Kambuaya, Evan Dimas, Irfan Jaya, Witan Sulaeman; Ezra Walian | Pelatih: Shin Tae-yong.

Singapura (4-3-3): 

Hassan Sunny; Safuan Baharudin, Irfan Fandi, Muhammad Nazari, Zulfahmi Arifin; Shahdan Sulaiman, Faris Ramli, Shawal Anuar; Hariss Harun, Song Ui-young, Ikhsan Fandi | Pelatih: Tatsuma Yoshida.

‎Head to Head ‎‎(H2H) Indonesia vs Singapore‎

Singapore recorded 3 wins over Indonesia in the last 5 meetings, including during the 2018 AFF Cup which ended with a score of 0-1. While the Indonesian national team won 2 times in that period. 

Results ‎‎of the Last 5 Meetings of Indonesia vs Singapore‎‎
09/11/18: Singapura vs Indonesia 1-0
25/11/16: Singapura vs Indonesia 1-2
28/11/12: Indonesia vs Singapura 1-0
04/11/09: Singapura vs Indonesia 3-1
09/12/08: Indonesia vs Singapura 0-2

‎Link Live Streaming Indonesia vs Singapore Live AFF Cup 2020‎ 2021

‎The semifinal leg 1 between Indonesia and Singapore will be held on Wednesday (21/12/2021) tonight starting at 19:30 WIB. This match can be watched through live broadcasts.‎

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