5 Important Trading Tips You Need to Know before Starting to Trade

5 Important Trading Tips You Need to Know before Starting to Trade
5 Important Trading Tips You Need to Know before Starting to Trade img;radar2014

Gtkjatim.com - 5 Important Trading Tips You Need to Know before Starting to Trade. In today's article, I will give you 5 simple tips. But it is very important to help me today in improving my ATS results, I do not do this at all. and this is a big mistake, you should avoid such mistakes.

1. Regular re-optimization

lately I've been doing an interesting analysis of many of my systems. And that showed me a very important point: the difference between regular optimization and long-term fixed trading can be huge. It works great, especially when your system is idle. 

In my case, some ineffective strategies showed up to 80% improvement in 2014 when re-optimized at the end of 2013. The results are really significant. 

For example, one of the weakest strategies lost $5,000 in 2013. However, the re-optimized version resulted in an acceptable loss of more than $900. Regular re-optimization will improve system performance. especially in bad times. 

Personally, I re-optimize about once a year. It was a big mistake that I didn't accept the notion of normal optimization in the first place.

2. Reasonable use of 2 contracts (or even number of contracts)

There are certain situations in the market that are very promising to make good profits. simple example Could be the day of the week. I'm sure there are strategies in your portfolio that work best on certain days of the week. 

More than on other days I use this situation to change the contract amount, e.g. I traded twice as many contracts as I could trade. To get the most out of this situation, you will be surprised how simple the effect is. 

How does this positively affect the modal line? Fairness is often fine-tuned. Of course, you have to be creative and come up with new scenarios that can be used for different amounts of contracts.

I didn't use this simple technique at first, I underestimated it and quickly learned it. But they can dramatically increase the overall stability of your portfolio.

3. Try the swing strategy.

If you like ATS day trading, don't worry too much and try some strategies that don't close at the end of the day. You can add multiple profit targets to them and leave them open for a few days. I've found that a strategy like this can really help with diversification, even in 2014, which was a particularly bad year for an index breakout strategy. 

The swing strategy works really well. Compared to Intraday Strategy, I personally use a combination of both. On some systems, I close half of my contract at the end of the day. the other half closed with a fixed profit target, although it may take several days to reach it. Or, for a less stressful, relaxing and relaxing weekend, I can turn off the poses on Fridays.

What if I have a portfolio swing strategy from the start? I can do much better especially in tough times. Today I know that a one day trading strategy in a portfolio is not enough for a quality profit spread.

4. Even a slight spread of risk is considered diversification.

This is one of the things I did from the start. I added to this list to show and prevent this error. Diversification into other markets is very important, and even micro-diversity is very important. 

For example, if I have a small account and have to choose between two systems for two different index markets. and the same system, trading in two completely different markets. (Index and the Wheat Market) I would always go for the second option. 

Two different markets will allow you to distribute risk better than the two systems. Even systems with low correlations that trade in the same market. This is my experience and this is what I do. Spread as much as you can.

5. Cooperate

This is my final suggestion. This is slightly different from the previous suggestion. This is a simple tip - work with other ATS traders, it will give you better results and you will progress faster.

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