12 Ways to Play Online Trading for Beginners

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12 Ways to Play Online Trading for Beginners
 12 Ways to Play Online Trading for Beginners

Gtkjatim.com -  12 Ways to Play Online Trading for Beginners. How to play online Trading for beginners. According to the Indonesian Stock Exchange, the number of active equity investors in the bureau is only 97,688, which is very small compared to the total population of Indonesia.

In fact, there are many profitable stocks, namely dividends, capital gains and the right to participate in GMS, because it is part of a corporate proprietorship that is flexible regarding small taxes.

Because of that, you need to keep learning and learning more about the growth of this stock world. Similarly, these include the following - how to play stocks that you can learn correctly and correctly.

These are 12 recommended ways to play online trading for beginners. Check out the full discussion below.

1. Choose A Stock Broker.

On a regular basis, all brokers listed on BEI are financially stable when they meet the minimum capital level in accordance with OJK rules. However, you should choose a broker who has a good and reliable online application. 

Some brokers even offer dummy trades, which you can usually try to measure if the sale is okay.

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2. Open A Private Account

After choosing a broker, open a stock account because you are required to trade stocks.

A good broker will definitely provide the option to open an online account so that you can submit a form to open an online account and sign the documents.

3. Open A Customer Account.

In addition to opening an exchange account with a broker, you also need to open a client funds account (RDN).

RDN alone is a special account created in a bank to deposit funds for the sale and purchase of shares. Capital deposits for stock transactions and proceeds from the sale of shares, which are also held by RDN.

Stocks and RDN accounts must be open at the same time for transactions.

4. Deposit Mode

After opening an account, you need to deposit funds for stock trading. The amount of the deposit depends on the number of exchange transactions that are carried out.

5. Online Stock Purchase Transactions.

Once the funds have been deposited and effectively on the RDN, you can transfer the purchased shares as well.

After a successful transaction, you can confirm on the Portfolio page where your stock ownership is indicated.

6. Transactions for The Sale of Shares Online.

Stocks that you thought beforehand sell through online trading with brokers. The determination of the selling price determines how many transactions can be made.

7. Change Your Online Order.

When trading stocks, you can change or alter the purchase price. This feature can be found in online trading applications.

You can also see the Bidding and Selling prices that are available at that time and make some adjustments to the prices in accordance with the current situation.

8. Transaction Review.

Unlike regular buying and selling, transactions on the exchange settle within two days from the date of the transaction.

9. Transaction Fees.

In trading stocks, you must pay the transaction to the broker who executes the order for the transaction.

Commodities that can be traded include: Broker Commission 0.15% of transaction value, Transaction Fee Tax 10%, IDX Fee, KPEI Fee. It is important for you to pay attention to the number of transactions.

If the matter is repeated, of course, it will cost you money.

10. Fundamental Analysis.

Fundamental analysis is a way to judge the value or price of a stock. This method contains several financial statements to judge and calculate the fair share price.

Many brokers provide financial reporting data and financial ratio calculations online, so you only need to review.

11. Stосk Ѕсrееnеr

Since it is not easy to remember a large number of stocks in the stock market, this function also works to filter stocks based on selected credits. This feature is also available free of charge from brokers.

12. Diversification

The way to manage risk in the stock market is not to invest in one or two stocks, but to split or control multiple checks.

The goal is that when stock prices fall, you still can’t survive, because not all of your stocks fall.

One of the most common diversification strategies is to buy index funds, which is about buying everything according to the weight in the index for profit.

You can buy these index funds on IDX by buying an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund).

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a stock that is traded on IDX, but it is unique because it does not look like a third party company.

While ETFs are mostly mutual funds, these products are traded as stocks on the stock exchange.

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